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Obamanomics…I have Another Name for it

Obamanomics…i.e. Let’s pretend to fix the economy, but hurry up before they get what we are really doing.

Here’s an article by Evan Newmark of the WSJ, detailing the path that Obama has taken us on.

Posted by: takebackam | July 17, 2009

Interesting Article on Sotomayor

Mike Gonzalez of the Heritage Foundation wrote an insightful article on the background of Sonia Sotomayor, the Supreme Court nominee before Congress this week.

Sotomayor and racial identity politics, by Mike Gonzalez

Sonia Sotomayor has broken quite a few barriers in her life. If she is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice–as seems likely–she will become the first Puerto Rican to sit on the high court. She may even become the first justice to come from one of the Bronx’s notorious government housing projects. She will not, however, be the first Hispanic, nor the first Latin.

You may ask before reading on, why is that important? It wouldn’t be, in a rational world. But it has been Judge Sotomayor herself, as well as her supporters, trumpeting her ethnic bona fides. The judge, moreover, has consistently displayed a weakness for the grievance industry that parallels our hodge-podge of ethnic labels. By insisting – not just in a single quote, but over a lifetime of activism – that her background permits her to use the rules of logic differently, Sotomayor has invited scrutiny on just what these labels really mean.

Read the rest of the article here at the Heritage Foundation website.

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The New Religion of Human-Induced Climate Change

The Obama administration is trying again to pull the wool over your eyes.  How long have they been in office?  6 months?  God help us.

Check out these two articles by Kimberley Strassel of the WSJ.  The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic. The Climate Change Climate Change.

Can you really tell me after reading those articles that this is really about climate change?  It’s about power, money, and bringing capitalism (and America) to its knees.  It seems clear to me now, that the goal of the Obama administration and his allies is to transfer as much power to the government as possible while retaining control.  Unfortunately, what they may or may not realize is that it is also the goal of many other countries across the globe to end U.S. economic and political dominance.  Global climate change treaties and legislation is a perfect tool to do just that.

Take Back America!

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C’mon…send a real nominee…No to Sotomayor

C’mon.  Do we really want a nominee who feels that her ethnicity makes her a better judge than the average white male judge?  No matter how well you do in your job interview, would any employer today hire you if it was discovered you had made many public bigotted comments over the past several years?  Is it too much to ask of the highest court in our land that the nominee would believe that we are all created equal?

Take Back America!

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The Health Care Scam. Don’t fall for it.

Democrats in Congress are about to pull a fast one on the American people to the tune of over $1 Trillion…that’s right $1 Trillion. And the largest insurance companies are helping them do it, so they can get a piece of the action. Don’t believe it? Read for yourself: Democrats Hoodwink the Health Lobby by WSJ writer Kimberley Strassel.

An excerpt from the article shows the tactics that Democrats are using to completely drown out any other ideas or voices except their own:

Democrats have complemented their smiling encouragements with behind-the-scenes threats. After retaking the House in 2006, the party made clear that companies that did not hire Democratic lobbyists would not get a hearing in Washington. The ruling party is now seeing the fruits of its bullying. These days, a meeting of health-care lobbyists is better described as a reunion of Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus’s former aides. Health-care lobbying has been turned on its head: The new cabal of Democratic lobbyists does not exist to protect the industry from Congress. It exists to present Democratic ultimatums to business.

When Senate Republicans last month hosted a meeting to discuss reform ideas, Mr. Baucus’s office called in a block of these Democratic lobbyists to deliver a message. “They said, ‘Republicans are having this meeting and you need to let all of your clients know if they have someone there, that will be viewed as a hostile act,'” reported one attendee to the Baucus caucus. Message to companies that don’t agree with their Beltway lobbyist: Pull a Rick Scott (the former hospital executive running ads critical of ObamaCare), and you’ll be sorry.

All these actions — the White House meetings, the strung-out negotiations, the muzzling — have been taken with one aim: To buy silence. President Barack Obama is committed to a public option. Liberal Democrats intend to make the private sector fund their plans. They figure by the time they drop a bill that contains odious elements, it’ll be too late for any industry player — big or small — to cut a Harry & Louise ad.

Sure there are quite a few things about the healthcare industry that need to change, but does anyone with a bit of common sense (you or I )  think that this is the way to do it.  Here is the latest bright idea coming from the wholly one sided House of Representatives today.  Read: Small Business Faces Big Bite.  Here’s what passes for a bright idea these days: tax the rich and small business so that we can pay for a massive increase in spending by the federal government.  Let’s see what that will do to support jobs in this country and your opportunity to start your own business and be successful.

Let’s not let these goofballs in Washington destroy our freedom, economy, and health.  They have completely lost touch with reality and the fact that they represent the people.

Take Back America!

Instead of helping to remake the American automobile industry, he is helping to create a new global auotmotive powerhouse.  Only problem is that new global powerhouse is an Italian company.  Congratulations, Mr. President.  You successfully sold off the assets of an American company (for nothing but small car technology in exchange) and paid off your political contributors, the United Auto Workers (UAW spent $5MM to elect Obama).  You are doing a great job so far.  In fact, Fiat is planning to buy a majority stake in Opel, GM’s European division.  This has the potential to accomplish Fiat’s  goals of restructuring and becoming a global powerhouse.  When the dust settles, besides strengthening Fiat, I really believe that Obama will only have two other accomplishments from his dealmaking:

  1. A declining and substantially weaker U.S. auto industry which is redesigned to leave the UAW with the maximum influence possible.
  2. The push of smaller cars on Americans will only intensify.
Thursday the Obama Administration brokered a deal to sell Chrysler to Fiat.  
(Article from Thursday) Chrysler Will File for Bankruptcy, Official Says (Update3)
After reading the article on Thursday, here was my take:
Something smells fishy to me about this Fiat/Chrysler deal. 
  • The existing owner is willing to relinquish it’s interest.
  • The government is going to manage a bankruptcy and give the good assets to Fiat.
  • FDIC is going to guarantee the loans made by both Chrysler Financial and GMAC.
  • The government is going to own part of the new company and is negotiating settlements with creditors
  • Fiat will be introducing it’s line of small cars here in the U.S. 

It seems as if the only reason they are doing any of this is to conform to the demands of Fiat.  I guess it takes a foreign corporation to tell us what we need to do to save the company…conveniently including themselves as the white knight?

Why can’t the company go through the same bankruptcy restructuring process and emerge as an independent US firm?
Here is my guess to why this is happening:
Fiat is the only smart guy in the room, the only one with any ideas, and Obama, the unions, and Chrysler management all have tunnel deal vision.
And the main reason:  Obama wants us all to drive small cars…in fact Fiat 500’s will work just fine.  Here are a few pictures so you will recognize the model when you go to the dealership: 
Used   New    
Next thing we know, Obama will be converting our American light commercial vehicle fleet to the Ape:   

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Abortion: A symptom

Abortion has become standard procedure in our society today.  It is encouraged.  It is revered.  It is protected and defended vigorously by the liberal movement.  It is a pillar of their beliefs and is treated with piety.  It allows millions of women a fresh start on their lives, unburdened by the pressures of raising a child, free to carry on a career and have control of their own destiny.

Sounds good.  Unfortunately it is not the truth.  Here is the cold hard ugly truth:  Abortion is murder.  Abortion snuffs out the lives of the most innocent among us.  It is an act of pure selfishness.  Yes, there are exceptions, but no matter how you explain it away, abortion is taking away the life of a child.  If you don’t believe me, google it for yourself

The liberal movement has used abortion as simply one tool in it’s arsenal to attack and fundamentally change the nature of our society.  Those who have aligned themselves with abortion will do anything to protect it, because it is a means to support their social agenda and propaganda.  The politicians keep Planned Parenthood in business and vice versa.

Need an example of how blatantly decency and morality is cast aside in the name of  abortion?  Read or watch this interview of UCLA student Lila Rose who went undercover to Planned Parenthood posing as a 14 year old.  You will not believe what counsel she was given.